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Talk of Satan and Pharaoh


In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

Satan and Pharaoh talk

It has narrated that Satan came to the door step of Pharaoh and knocked the door. Pharaoh told: who is knocking the door? Satan answered if you were God you would know who is knocking the door!
Pharaoh told: come in Damned! Satan answered: a damned one joined the other damn! Pharaoh asked him why you have not prostrated Adam to avoid to being outcast and damned. Satan answered: Because someone like you was on descendant of Adam!
Pharaoh asked: do you know anyone worse than you and I on the ground?  Satan told: the jealous person is worse than you and I. Jealousy eats the good works as fire burns the wood.
Source: "Ganjineh Jawaher" ("Kashkool Momtaz")