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Convertion to Islam
A sister from Peru converted to Islam


 Connection of the Slave to her Lord

A Christian sister from Peru, converted to Islam in front of Ayatollah Madani by declaration of Faith (Shahadatein) .Then Ayatollah Madani prayed for her as a Muslim sister that declared unique ness of Allah, the prophet hood of his prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and the leadership of Imams (a.s) and ____selected the Islam as his religion and wished her to be conducted continuously and best graces.
This conversion was a grace of God and attention of Imam Asr (a.s) that she converted from the Christian manner to the Holy Islam and Shia and as Quran says, “in reality the Religion in front of Allah is Islam” (Aal Imran-19) and as Quran says, “left the darkness and entered to light” and by Allah’s willing she will stay on this manner and believe to be a messenger of Islam to his country and people.
Imam  Hussein (a.s) Mosque’s office - Dubai