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Women   ،   Blessed by the Revolution, the Iranian woman has been set in the right path
Blessed by the Revolution, the Iranian woman has been set in the right path. Today, the Iranian woman can enter the field of science and climb the science ladder while preserving the religion, chastity, piety, dignity, grace, personality and reverence of a typical Muslim woman. There are, among you, many female students, professors and scholars. A woman might also embark on the field of religious sciences and information without any obstacles. Among you, there are many seminarians, students, instructors and professors of religious sciences who deal with Islamic fiqh and religious insight. Our great Imam also highly regarded this issue and gave an order to establish this institute of Qom. Today a woman in our country is able to participate in different activities including politics, social and jihadi activities, helping people and the Revolution and appear in different fields while preserving her grace, dignity and Islamic hijab.

Those who throughout history – whether in the jahiliyya of the past or that of the twentieth century – have tried to humiliate women and introduce them as interested in the artificial ornaments and embellishments and chained to fashion, costume, make-up and jewelry and as a means for practical entertainment have a special logic which is like snow and ice before the heat of the sun of the spiritual position of Fatima al-Zahra (AS); they thaw out and disappear. Islam introduces Fatima – the outstanding and distinguished celestial being – as a model and an ideal for women. On the one hand, there is her simple life, struggle, knowledge, speech, dedication, matrimony, motherhood, migration, presence in all political, military and revolutionary fields, and all her outstanding features which made great men feel reverence for it. On the other hand, her spiritual position, her worship, her prayers, her supplication, her celestial nature and the brightness of her spiritual aspect that was similar to that of the Master of the Faithful and the Prophet. This is what a woman is. This is the model for the Muslim woman.

The woman in the society of the evil system of the kingdom was really an oppressive one. If the woman wanted to deal with science she had to give up religion, piety and chastity. A Muslim woman could not easily survive at the universities and educational, scientific and cultural centers with hijab, grace and dignity. Was it possible? A woman could not walk in the streets of Tehran or some other cities with even a partial hijab and be immune from what is said by the captives of the corruption of the Western gift. Education for women was almost impossible in this country. Of course, there were exceptions. Generally speaking, entering the field of science for women was almost impossible except by giving up hijab, piety and Islamic dignity!

The same problem was there in terms of political and social activities. Once a woman decided to have a social or political position in Iran she had to give p hijab, chastity and the dignity of a Muslim woman. Of course, it depended on how her nature and potentialities were. If she were weak she had to stumble to the depth. But when she was demure she could resist the pressure of the society to a large extent and preserve herself. That was the way of our society.

When Islam, the Revolution and the Imam came to this country they placed woman at the center of political activities and she was given the flag of the Revolution while she could, at the same time, preserve her hijab, dignity, Islamic grace, chastity, religion and piety. There is nothing more expected from the Iranian and Muslim woman.

Women of our country, during the period of the Revolution, were the supporters of men in their struggle. Without the powerful emotions and faith of the women many of our men might not have been able to be present in the difficult situations and various struggles. Today, women have the same responsibility.

My sisters! The subject of woman and the different treatments of different communities of this subject is one of the earliest issues of different civilizations. Women have always constituted half of the population of the world. Life consistency in the world depends on both men and women alike. Women are naturally responsible for the greatest works of creation. The principle works of creation such as procreation and bringing up children are in the hand of women. Therefore, this issue is very important and has existed since very long ago among the subjects of thinkers of different nations. Islam has chosen an outstanding subject here; has prescribed the middle course; and has given warning to people of the whole world. Islam put an end to the acts of those who exploited men and women for their physical or material strength and humiliate women while revealing their real position. From some aspects, Islam made women stand at the same level where men stand: The faithful man and the faithful woman; Muslim man and Muslim woman, … (ان المومنین والمومنات و المسلمین والمسلمات...)

Islam, in some places, has preferred woman to man. For instance, when there is a father and a mother with a child: although the child is that of both but the child has more responsibility towards the mother .The mother has more right to the child and the child has a heavier responsibility towards the mother. There are many hadiths in this regard: Once a man asked the Holy Prophet, “Whom should I serve?” The Prophet responded, “Your mother.” The prophet gave the same answer to the same question for three times. When the man raised his question for the fourth time the Prophet responded, “Your father.” Therefore, the woman has a greater right in the family. Not because God wanted to prefer some group over the other but because women have heavier responsibilities.

Islam has respect for the family. Today, all the conflicts of the Western propagandist loudspeakers with the Muslims are about this problem. Look how they are sensitive to the issue of hijab! They regard it abominable in the Islamic Republic. They are sensitive when they see it used eagerly and consciously by young female students at the universities of the Arab countries. If it is among political parties they will show sensitivity. If it is in schools and even primary schools of their own countries – though under their control – they will show sensitivity. So here is the point of difference. Of course, they permanently shout in their propaganda that the rights of women are not observed in Islam or in the Islamic Republic. They themselves do not believe in this. They know that women’s rights in the Islamic Republic have been promoted and not weakened. You may observe the number of female students – girls educated at high centers – and compare the number to that of the despots’ period. You will discover that the number is greater today. The number of outstanding girls who stand first in their studies is greater today. The number of women working in medical and research centers is greater today. The number of women who are active in the country’s political scenes and the international communities who speak for their own country and nation is definitely greater. That time women traveled with different missions but it was merely something formal. It was merely for self-indulgence. But today the Muslim woman at international assemblies, various world conferences and scientific and academic centers are scientifically or politically present. This is very valuable.

It is clear that in the Western world and in the European world which claim to be defending women rights – which is almost all a lie – women did not have the right to vote, could not speak and choose, did not have the right to possess property until the beginning decades of the twentieth century. In Islam women have the right of allegiance, property possession while their presence in the social and political arenas is something fixed. Women used to come to the Prophet to pledge their allegiance. The Prophet wanted both men and women to participate in decision-making. Women did not have to follow men. They participate in choosing their government and the social and political system. The Westerners are a thousand three hundred years behind Muslims in this regard. The same is true about the right to have property and other social and political issues.

The presence and activities of Fatima al-Zahra (AS) during her childhood, after the Prophet’s Hijra (migration) to Medina and at the time of her father’s problems in Medina – which was the center of all political and social events – is an indication of the role of woman in the Islamic system. Of course, Fatima al-Zahra (AS) is the summit of these virtues. There were other outstanding women at the advent of Islam: they were sophisticated, wise, knowledgeable and present in every scene even in the battle field. Those who were physically strong were present in fighting, with a sword as a soldier. Of course, this has not been made mandatory for women by Islam because it does not correspond to their physical nature and emotions.

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