Message of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei To the Youth in Europe and North America

Receive knowledge of Islam from its primary and original sources. Gain information about Islam through the Qur’an and the life of its great Prophet. I would like to ask you whether you have ? ...

Hazrat Zainab (sa) and an Eloquent in her speech

The caravan of the captives, which consisted of women, children, soldiers holding spears that carried the heads of the martyrs, and the army men of Ibn Ziad entered the city of Kufah. As they entered, the people were cheering and expressing their joy of victory!

Tragedy of Karbala Remains Immortal

Even if the enemies of Ahlul Bayt did not fear Allah and were not ashamed before the Holy Prophet they should have feared at least history and should have kept in mind that history would record everything and hand it over to the future generations


Come, come, sit with me - Let me tell you of an awful tragedy. Our Prophet cries because of this bloody history - Shall we not bother and just sit idly?

About the God

The problem of most of the parents is that can they really talk to their kids about such a complicated and big subject such as Allah? Can really make the kids understands concepts like, Allah, the day of judgment, prophets, the world, our duty … ?

The most significant religious occasions for Muslims

Laylat al-Qadr or the night of glory is viewed as one of the most significant religious occasions for Muslims as special rituals and services are held on the eves of the last ten odd days of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Spring Of Quran

The month of Ramadhan is aptly termed the spring time of Qur’an. The Holy Book, the Almighty’s final and most comprehensive revelation to mankind was sent down to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in this blessed month.
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