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Library   ،   Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque's Library

 In the Name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful
"و امّا بنعمه ربّک فحدّث"

 Library of Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque – Dubai
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque is the only Iranian Mosque in UAE which holds Shia’s religious affairs and towards commemoration of Islamic taught, giving services and includes different cultural, religious and servicing departments.
Library of the Mosque is one of the active sections of this cultural-Islamic foundation which ______having about 10,000 title of books in 53 different subjects, making a rich collection of more than 14,000 books to be used by visitors. Different nationalities with different languages visit the Library and they can use the books in four languages of English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu. Variety of the books can almost fulfill all the visitors need in different age group and style and we can say no body will leave the library without borrowing a book.
 The library is running under supervision of female librarian for morning shift and till late night by male one to serve book lover visitors. The manager of the Library is fluent in English beside the Persian language and while serving the visitors with library services, offers Religious Counseling.
Pleasant atmosphere and decorated by religious logos of the library includes about hundred square meter ______having shelves full of the books attracts any visitor and encourages them to be more familiar with book and book reading. The Library is equipped with study tables, computer and free internet connection makes facility to read the books or browse the e-books through the computer, fulfills all the scientific and research needs of the visitors. Presence of Islamic software and computer set, gives the facility to access to Nour website and use the magazines free of subscription fees which attracts the visitors. So the visitors can borrow the books and also enjoy the atmosphere of the library for reading the book and receiving scientific counseling as well.
     Existence of precious hand-written books has made the management to seek for a solution to display them in a secure manner for interested people. It is obvious that this needs specific physical and exhaustion protection using latest technologies. By this kind of application we will encourage the book lovers to bring their precious hand-written books which are now in a corner in their house useless to be kept in Mosques library and be part of the adornment of the Library and Iranian Mosque. The ones which beside their hard love to their hand-written books are seeking a proper solution to adorn their be-loved books in holly and trustfully atmosphere of the Mosque. There will be no other place to be replaced by the Mosque for taking care of such a great valued books to keep and demonstrate to next generation and make their history an Immortalized one. So the Library of the Mosque is ready to receive the gifted books of the visitors and keep them in a proper way and register on their own name.
Let pass the kind of praise to the Almighty God and by our practical steps develop the Library facility, encouraging others to be familiar with Mosque and Library atmosphere and keep help to develop religious culture and science production.

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