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Friday Sermon   ،   Friday prayer 27th July Sermon

In the Name of Allah the Most compassionate, the Most Merciful

Juma (Friday) Speech by Sayed Mahmood Madani
27th ofJuly, 2012

Praises and thanks are to theGod who is Sufficient for a person who seeks His help. And, He guides the one who asks to be guided. And peace be upon Muhammad and His Ahlul-Bait and curses be upon their enemies.
I advise myself and you to be pious. Allah is associated with virtuous and we must fear the Day when ye shall be brought back to Allah. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly.month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for us to repent, also it is the sprint of  reciting Quran so we can take benefit of recitation of Quran in this month.
Dear brothers and sisters, normal people think about how we can pass the time but wise people think about how they can have the maximum benefit of their time as the time is passing so fast and it will not reverse. Appreciate this golden opportunity that has been given to us by Allah and compensate if you did not take the real benefit. Our beloved prophet advised us and said Try to come out of sins as this blessed month is passing. I ask god to accept all of our prayers and fasts and to give us the best rewards.
This blessed month need a closer look to the philosophy of fasting. Also it is clear that if we ignore the reasons and the effects of fasting we cannot fast with the esprit and we will not enjoy it. But those who knows the philosophy of  fasting have the complete enjoy of  fasting.
Fasting is one of the main and the annual prayers of Muslims. Also it is the best opportunity to train our soul and to enlightening our soul with the light of fasting. So we will discuss the philosophy of fasting in the Fridays of this month.
Fasting is reminding us hungry and maybe it is one of the main philosophies of this prayer. It reminds us to pay attention to other people who cannot find anything to eat; those who maybe live around us. Imam Sadeq(A.S) when the Hesham asked him about the philosophy of fasting replied: (fasting is obligate on us) to equalizeriches and poor, so rich also can understand the pain of hunger then they show their mercy to the  poor. Because when reach wants something he can make it, so Allah wanted to give the test of hungriness and its pain to rich so they show their mercy to those who are week(financially) and hungry. We also have a similar narration from Imam Reza (A.S) and Imam Hassan Askary. So, brothers and sisters by your hunger remember hungry of poor and help them and give them some part of what has been given to you by Allah, so you can complete your fasting, train your spirit and purify your wealth.
O, Allah bless us with the real fasting as you love it, and give us the success to take the real benefit of this month and forgive our faults and our short come.
O, Allah help all Muslims all around the world especially in Bahrain, Palestine, Myanmar and other regions.
O, Allah send down your wrath upon oppressor and rebels and heretics in the west and the east.
O, Allah forgive all the Faithfull men and women.  

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