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Ramadan and Fasting Q&As »
  ،   The holy month of Ramadhan and Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque

In the name of Allah the most companionate the most Merciful

The Ramadhan month of 1433 (Hijri) finished and the virtues nation passing one month of exercising the virtuousness. They finalized their worships of Ramadhan by the Eid prayer and paying the Zakat-al-Fitr and greeting each other and thanking Allah.
Before the start of Ramadhan, the Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque prepared himself for reception of the fasting Muslims and benefits them of the Ramadhan’s graces.
Inviting the cherished preacher Sheikh Rashed Yazdi the Ahl-ul-bait panegyrist for daily speech, preparation for twice food serving of Iftar and dinner were part of the planned programs.
List of the Mosque’s programs for Ramadhan 1433
The following cultural and divine programs held during the month of Ramadhan:
a- Description and interpretation of Joshan-Kabeer supplication and religious sentences every day morning after Morning Prayer by ayatollah Madani.
b- Ladies chapter reciting of Holy Qur’an everyday at 10:30 a.m
c- Interpretation of Al-Malek Chapter of Holy Qur’an special for ladies one hour prior to noon prayer by Ayatollah Madani.
d- Speech of Sheikh Rashed Yazdi every day after noon prayers
e- Gents chapter reciting one hour prior to Maqrib.
f- Religious sentences by Hojat-al-Islam Seyed Mohammadreza Madani after chapter reciting and prior to Maqrib Azan.
g- Iftar serve and congressional prayer of Maqrib and Isha.
h- Speech of Sheikh Rashed after the prayer.
i- Dinner serve and finalizing by Al-Iftitah supplication reciting.

Imam Hassan (a.s) Birth Day celebration
At the eve of 15th of Ramadhan, the birth day of Imam Hassan (a.s) was celebrated and the preacher and the panegyrist of Ahl-ul-bait (a.s) had their poems and notes and expressed Imam Hassan (a.s)’s virtues.
In that luminous ceremony the teenage memorizer of the whole holy Qur’an, Mr. Ayazi, performed his program and presented his abilities and arts related to Qur’an and the audiences were surprised.
Also the draw to ____select the best reader of second book reading competition has done and the winners got their precious gifts like gold bar.
The continuous competition of “30nights, 120gifts” 
During the programs and ceremonies of the holy month, the cultural section of the Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque performed a continuous competition to encourage the audiences to attend regularly and use the programs. Every day was 3 question and 4 answers to be ____selected for each in the paper. The questions were ____selected from the morning religious sentences, noon and night speech. The question’s paper was distributed among the attendances. Yesterday’s correct answers and the name of the winners were mentioned in that paper too.
The winners were getting their gifts of mosque’s office. There were 2 separate draw among ladies and 2 among the gents answer.
Totally 29 competition held during the Ramadhan and 87 questions asked and 116 draw has done and the winners got their gifts. The noticeable attempt to find the correct answer and relevant consultation and discussions were the positive motivations of these competitions.

Qadr eves in Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque – Dubai
The Qadr eves spiritual ceremonies held in Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque by presence of crowd of faithful Muslims of different nationalities. To get the most benefits of these nights, fasting faithful Muslims were attending from early maqrib time to accompany the mosque’s programs. They were ___having the Iftar, dinner and praying the congressional prayer of Maqrib & Isha and make themselves ready to perform the suggested activities in Qadr nights.
The programs of Qadr eves announce d and performed as the following:
a- Congressional parayer of Maqrib & Isha after serving the Iftar.
b- Speech by Sheikh Rashed Yazdi
c- Praying the full days missed prayers of a few days in congressional prayer.
d- Reciting the Joshan-Kabeer supplication
e- Speech by Ayatollah Madani followed by taking Qur’an on head
f- Mourning for the Martyrdom of Imam Ali (a.s) by poems od Ahlu-Bait Panegyrist.
After serving the food, the mourner people for the world’s first oppressed person, Ali (a.s), were keeping vigil until dawn on prayers and requesting Allah the best for themselves and the Muslim nation.

Record of the ceremonies by Channel 3 or IRIB TV
The cahannel 3 of IRIB television recorded all the speech of Sheikh Rashed Yazdi and Qadr nights and will be broadcast by the Channel 3 in a proper time. Also the whole month of Ramadhan’s speeches will be burned on DVDs by Imam Hussein (a.s) M0sque to present to whom like to have a set and will be uploaded to the Mosque’s Website as well.

Other ceremonies held alongside the main programs of the Mosque:
The office of supreme leader’s representative in Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque alongside the main programs of the Mosque, sent the clergymen to other centers like Iranian Consulate in Dubai, Iranian Club, Iranian Red Crescent Hospital in Dubai and also other spiritual family ceremonies to held the Islamic divine ceremonies there as well.
It is worthy to note that Ayatollah Madani on his speech on Qadr night while crowd of fasting prayers attending, announced that the supreme leader’s office in UAE is ready to send the clergymen for any session of at least 20 attendant to anywhere in UAE.

The glorious congressional prayer of Eid of Fitr:
The Eid prayer held on its best glory in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque in Dubai. The virtuous people whom had one month exercise of virtue in Ramadhan Camp, celebrated their achievement of perform the obligations during Ramadhan by praying the Eid prayer.
The Muslims residing in Dubai from different nationality kept calling the Mosque’s office or were checking the website of the mosque till they found the transduction of the new moon of Shav’val month has done. Then they prepared themselves ready to attend from early morning to the Mosque on Sunday, 19th August 2012 to pray the Eid prayer. The crowd were repeating the monotheism motto of “Allaho Akbar, Valellahel Hamd,…” which was coming out of the mosque’s tribune.
At 6:45 the Nodbe supplication which is recommended for Eid day recited. Then the prayers which were seated inside the mosque and side wings and the yard and were added by new comers invited to the Eid prayer. “Allahomma Ahlal Kebriae val Azama…..”
After the pray, Ayatollah Madani had two sermons while inviting everybody and himself to keep virtue. He mentioned that the prayer in Eid days means that we should keep our connection and continuously avoid the taboos and keep the limitations even in Eid days and advised the audiences to have the virtue. He noted the necessity of upbringing the children as per Islamic resuscitative instructions and persist to make the children familiar with divine teachings and bring them to religious meetings. In other part of his speech, he wished that Allah success everybody to abstinent the Haram mouthful.
The faithful prayers after finishing their Eid prayer hugged each other to congratulate and presented another beautiful scene of love and brotherhood in monotheism community.
While leaving the mosque they were serving snack and other unique scene were shaping as the prayers were ___dropping their Zakat of Fitr in designated boxes, were donating for earthquake stricken area of Azerbaijan to have some share on healing their pains and injuries.
It is worthy to mention that after finish of the prayer, Ayatollah Madani stand and handshake one by one to congratulate the divine guests.

Photo Gallery of Imam Hassan (a.s)’s birth day

Photo Gallery of 19th Eve

Photo Gallery of 21st Eve

Photo Gallery of 23rd Eve


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