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A Glimpse of the Character Traits of the Prophet   ،   By:Sayyid Abu’l-Fadl Mujtahid Zanjani
In the Name of Allah the gracious the merciful

A Glimpse of the Character Traits of the Prophet
Part I
Sayyid Abu’l-Fadl Mujtahid Zanjani

Since the foundation of Islam up to the present day, biographers, historians, and narrators of tradition have gathered details about the life  of  the holy  Prophet  in  thousands of  their  works  and compilations and have thus placed  rich and valuable sources of information within the reach of researchers. However, in most of these works, the characteristics of the life of the Prophet have not been categorized in an orderly manner but are instead, rather disorderly. Therefore, it is not easy to become acquainted with these  characteristics. In addition, as most of these works have been written in  Arabic, they are inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with this language. The technological lifestyle of the present age further aggravates  the situation because rather than providing more time and opportunity for  human beings, against all expectations, it has caused time constraints and has prevented people from spending time reading these detailed works. For this reason, and with regards to the significance of the topic in hand, the   writer   of   this   article,   while   acknowledging   his   poor knowledge, will seek to place within the reach of readers, a brief summary of the way of life of the Prophet. Rumi says:
If you cannot drink [all] the ocean’s water,
take a sip of it to quench your thirst.”
Efforts have been made to use information that is in conformity with  what  is  unanimously agreed  upon  by,  or  widely known among the historians and the reliable narrators of tradition.

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