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Friday Prayer Sermon   ،   The Qods Day, Last friday of Ramadan 2014
Dear brothers and sisters, one of the most important branches of virtue is to control our eating and drinking and to not eat haram food...
In the name of Allah
The Friday prayer's speech by Ayatollah Madani on the day of Ghods (Last Friday of Ramadan)
Dear brothers and sisters, one of the most important branches of virtue is to control our eating and drinking and to not eat haram food. We are standing at the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, and during this month we practiced to NOT eat the normal halal food that was available at our houses, and nothing bad happened. This means that throughout the year, we can prevent eating haram and surely nothing bad would happen.
In this month we learnt that we can control our inner desires to eat fresh food and to drink cold water (in this hot weather) so surely is will be alright if we don’t get near to haram. This is the biggest lesson of this holy month.
According to our previous session that we were talking about the prayers in Sahifah al sajjadiah, we reached this dua that says: dear Allah, please change the hatred towards me in my enemies’ heart, into kindness, and dear Allah please change the jealous in the hearts of the ruthless into kindness.
Today it has been discovered that jealousy is a mental illness, and psychologists believe that this disease could kill human.
Now what is jealousy? Some people get confused and cannot really recognize whether they too have some jealousy or not. Whenever they talk good about someone in front of us and we feel a bit uncomfortable, be sure that its jealousy.
Koleiny talks about jealousy in his kafi book and says: just like the fire that eats up the woods and destroys it, jealousy eats up faith and destroys it.
What should we do with jealousy? How can we cure ourselves? And what should we do towards those who feel jealous about us?
Stop respecting one of your kids more than the others to prevent jealousy. Most of our family problems are between brother and brother or between brides of a family or between sisters and etc, and all these problems are mostly caused because of jealousy while we might not even notice.
Jealousy is born from comparing. When you compare yourselves with another person and you see that it’s got something better that you, jealousy is born.
So stop comparing, you are you with all your values and he/she is she with all its values.
And the second point is that you should always think that Allah is the One that knows everything so if He didn’t give me something there’s surely some wisdom to it. And we have to be submit
And the third point that helps reduce jealousy is paying attention to others misfortunes and disadvantages.
And the fourth point is that jealousy would torture our mind and soul, so it would first destroy us rather than the person we are jealous.
And the last point is that jealousy would ruin our afterworld, we have been fasting throughout Ramadan, but with jealousy all our good deeds will disappear
So whenever they are talking good about someone, no matter how hard it is, don’t get jealous and try to join the talk and say well about that person too.
And asking for Allah’s hand in this road will truly help.
Ladies and gentlemen, today is the international day of Ghods, and we start this day with a new sadder taste, while all of the countries that claim democracy have shut up. If they really wanted to boycott and stop Israel from all its crimes they only needed a day to do so, now they have shown their dirty physiognomy to the entire world. If instead of 700 human beings 700 animals were killed, the world would have done something faster! This shows that they don’t care about Muslims as much as they might care about animals. This is the quiddity of the UN and the world
Gaza is only 41 km as for length, and this small area we have the most populated density of humans in each km. and in each kilometer more than 2 million people are living and so each bomb that falls on the ground kills a lot of people and kids
Imam Khomeini (r.a.) had also warned us about these enemies and he told us that these criminals are the enemies of humanity
(People shouting slogans like: death to Israel and America)
We defend Gaza and we are sorry for what is happening to them. There is no difference for us at defending the oppressed whether it’s Shia or Sunni.
Dear Allah please send disaster to these aggressive Israelis.
In the end Ayatollah Madani suggested that in these remaining days of Ramadan it's better to recite the Quran because of the Baraka and the thawwab.

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